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Our founder Mr. Guru Guthyal, has been in the business of heavy transportation since the age of 18. Our sister concern, Natraj Roadlines was founded in the year 2008, with an objective to cater transport industry. Due to specialization and development of various activities in the field of transport activities, Natraj Roadways was born in the year 2004. Today, having amassed an experience of over two decades, Mr. Guru Guthyal has always been endeavoring to optimize technology, speed, quality, affordability & overall dependability. Natraj Roadways is widely popular for the service it has provided in the Local & Heavy Transportation department. Our team has got  immense experience and technology to provide for class service in the most unfavorable and hostile environments. Our workforce, highly skilled and experienced in the field helps ensure quality and professionalism in our service. We empower the latest technology that is needed to get the job done.

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